Walking on Sunshine: Taking Care of Your Legs During and After Summer

Summer is the time when your legs finally see the light of day after months of being covered up with tights and trousers. Now is their time to tan and shine, but there’s a few summer leg care and, more importantly, aftercare tips that will see you not only through summer, but also the cold months ahead. Freedom for fabulous legs!

Wax, don’t shave

As our skirts get shorter, smooth legs become one of our summer beauty priorities. While waxing removes hair from the root, shaving can cause ingrown hairs and make your legs feel rough and dry. Stick to repeated waxing, as it also reduces hair growth over time - your legs will look smooth and clean!





Get in some scrubbing action

Include exfoliating your legs in your beauty routine to remove dead skin cells and open up pores - focus especially on knees and feet. It will also help prevent ingrown hairs and flaky skin, leaving your legs looking silky and firm. Make sure to exfoliate every time you’re getting ready for a leg wax - there’s no need to do it daily.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

The importance of moisturising your skin cannot be emphasised enough - the same applies to your lovely legs. A bit of lotion every day keeps your legs looking healthy and hydrated, and lack thereof often results in dull, flaky and dry skin that makes you want to stick to trousers all year long. After you wash, apply lotion on damp skin and massage it in. Same as with exfoliating, pay particular attention to your knees and feet - if you have cracked heels, make sure to butter them up with healing moisturiser at least twice a day.

Get on your feet

For strong and elegant legs, staying active is a must. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, make sure to take breaks to avoid sitting for extended periods of time. Walking not only helps you reach your exercise targets, but also moves the blood through out of your veins, ensuring your legs look smooth and of even colour. You’ll also avoid visible veins that make you want to hide your beautiful legs from the sun!

Tone for firmness

Like your face, your legs can do with some toning, especially in the summer months. Use a serum that has body-firming qualities to tighten the skin on your legs while still keeping the skin hydrated. It will smooth out the bumps and reduce heat-induced swelling, leaving your legs looking strong and smooth.

Don’t forget sun cream

After long winter months of not letting your legs feel the breeze, your skin is sensitive to the intense rays of sun, so always make sure to put on sun cream. Don’t skip your feet - they are the first thing the sun hits when it kisses your skin.

Load up on fruit

What’s on the inside matters just as much as what’s on the outside, so treat and pamper your legs by filling up your plate with fruit. Cantaloupes and watermelons are full of antioxidants, providing you with much needed hydration. Choosing fruit can lead to antiaging effects on your skin, and leave your legs looking radiant. Start the day right by adding slices of cantaloupe to your yoghurt or as a side with your toast, or even pop a few slices of watermelon into your glass of water to add some sweetness!