Unexpected Holiday Make-Up Recommendations

Tips: Two ways you should apply your make-up in the winter

  1. Switch over to a liquid highlighter in the winter. This will create the most natural look for your skin with the dry weather.
  2. To keep your skin from looking dull use a moisturizing cream on your face that is one shade darker than your skin tone. 
  3. Stay away from any powdery make-up in the winter. With dry skin it will be difficult to apply. 

Recommendations: With multiple holiday parties happening use the opportunity to try out some different make-up looks

  1. Many women automatically go for the red lipstick look around the holidays. Try something a little different at your next party and use a burgundy color for your lips. You'll stand out from the crowd!
  2. Any other time of year this might be a bit eccentric but that's what makes the holidays fun! Try using a glitter liner when applying your eye make-up.