6 Winter Beauty Mistakes to Avoid this Season

1. Applying Foundation to Dry Skin

When you apply foundation to dry skin it will only make the problem worse. Make sure you moisturize before wearing mackup.  

2. Not Getting Enough Sun

Because the amount of sunlight is so minimal in the winter, especially in London, many of us often don't get enough sunlight. Try going for short walks outside during the middle of the day.

3. Not Weatherproofing Your Makeup

You may find yourself thinking that waterproof mascara is no longer necessary in the winter. But after taking time doing your makeup you might find that it gets ruined from stepping into the cold air and having you eyes tear up. That is why waterproof mascara should still be in your makeup routine. 

4. Hat Head

It is important to make sure your hair is completely dry if you plan on wearing a hat. Not only will this help prevent hat head but you are less at risk for getting sick by walking outside with wet hair.

5. Not wearing Lip Balm

It is important that in the winter months you do not lick your lips when they are dry. Use a lip balm that is ointment based to lock the moisture in. 

6. Not Exfoliating

Not exfoliating can lead to a dull completion and clogged pores. It is best to exfoliate in the morning because your skin renews itself overnight so exfoliating in the morning takes away all the dead skin.