Hands On: Mobile Massage at Home

“Relaxation is a steppingstone to tranquillity.”

A massage can fix it

A wide range of studies suggest that a massage can bring a lot of benefits to your body, mind and soul. More so, when it is given in a safe, professional and friendly environment. The human touch can have incredible therapeutic and relaxing effects and can give our bodies the tranquillity that we miss due to work, family commitments and increasingly busy schedules. 

A massage helps to alleviate back pain that we all get at some point, primarily from bad posture. Some of us even suffer postural stress and pain in the shoulders, neck, lower back and gluteals from being stuck in front of our desks, for hours.

A massage can relieve headaches and migraines; lowers blood pressure and also reduces depression, anxiety and stress by helping to release endorphins and improving your mood. Who doesn’t look more relaxed and happier after a massage? 

A massage helps you to increase your circulation and the flow of lymph, boosts your energy levels and immune system, not to mention that it also improves your flexibility and endurance, especially for those sporty people. And if you are pregnant? A massage will help to alleviate backaches, stiffness and any discomfort you may feel, including leg cramps and the swelling of your feet. 

We could go on and on with an endless list of benefits from having a massage. Now the question is: Why not book a mobile massage therapist?

Mobile massage: hassle free

We all love to be pampered and enjoy a moment of “me-time”. The spa is always an option but what if you could enjoy all the benefits of a massage in your own environment, with your much-loved oil massage, favourite music and in the comfort of your own house? 

If you were to book a mobile massage therapist, you wouldn’t have to worry about driving back home, getting stuck in the traffic or commuting in packed trains during rush hours. Those journeys are stressful and your relaxation benefits can be cut short after some wonderful “me-time”. 

After a massage you feel less alert and at times a bit sleepy, so instead of walking the street like a zombie, why not stay at home and prolong your relaxation with a warm bath, a nap or any other ritual you may have? 

Our tip: Find the cosiest and most comfortable room in your house, keep the room warm, play your favourite relaxing mashup, get your favourite oil and essences, and wait for your mobile masseuse.  

Why Gwenelda?  

Our mobile massage therapists are great connoisseurs of unique techniques and can adapt to every individual’s request. 

You can book 30 or 60 minutes of a Swedish body massage, a Relaxing body massage or a Therapeutic body massage that can also be booked for 90 minutes. 

Additionally, our masseuses can provide you with an extremely powerful massage treatment to aid the breakdown of cellulite and the removal of toxic fluid in the skin tissues with great results from the first treatment. 

Gwenelda’s mobile massage therapists will help you achieve the desired level of health that you are looking for where your body, mind and spirit find the perfect balance of peace and harmony. Book one of our massage treatments here and Relax, Enjoy and Rejuvenate!