Eyelashes - it's all about eye power

Are you trying to get longer and thicker eyelashes? Do you feel that your tireless search for that perfect mascara is going nowhere? You’ve tried so many brands, all with partial results, not to mention that those 3 minutes you need to curl your lashes and cover them with mascara at least once or twice a day can really add up.

On average, women spend 36 hours a year and over £150 on ‘extreme volume up’ mascara and remover for a look that doesn’t come close to the cover girl of your favourite mascara brand. And that’s because she’s probably wearing a Classical or Russian set of Eyelash extensions!

The main advantages of having eyelash extensions are that you look fabulous 24/7, your prep-time is cut down enormously as you really don’t need any makeup and also you save the hassle of looking for a perfect mascara. The flip side to this is that you do need to be careful with them and maintain them, but when done properly the results are more than worth it.

Remember that eyelash extensions are not permanent and you won’t be able to stop them from falling out over time. Luisa Gonzales, Gwenelda’s gorgeous eyelash technician says: “A full set will last 3 to 5 weeks with one or two lashes falling each day in line with your natural lash cycle. When you get a full set done, within 2 or 3 weeks, you will have half left and after about 5 weeks they will all be gone.” Don’t worry though, because at any point you can get an ‘in-fill’ to replace those that have fallen out, it all depends on the look you want.

Are you ready for the experience?

First take a good look at the lash technician that you will choose for your eyelash extension. Luisa recommends that you check the lash technique, work and client base before you decide for eyelash extensions: “I don’t personally like to in-fill other people’s work because sometimes I see that they have stuck lashes together, the extensions they use are too heavy for the client’s natural lashes or that they have damaged the lashes. It’s usually best to start over.”

Our lash technicians will not only look for the best eyelash set for you but they will also analyse the health of your existing eyelashes: “If I notice that there are lots of lashes damaged or broken where the client has been pulling them out or if the lashes look fragile, then I will strongly recommend that we remove them, take a break for about a month and wait for the natural lashes to replenish,” explains Luisa.

Should you go for an Eyelash Classic or an Eyelash Russian set?

At Gwenelda, we tailor the set according to your face shape, how big or small your eyes are, what kind of shape your eyes have and whether you have a lot of eyelashes or just a few. Keep in mind that with the Russian set, you will get a lot more volume than with the Classic set.

“With the classic set it’s a ratio of one to one. With the Russian set, the ratio varies, it could be two to one or it could even go five to one. In some extreme cases, you could even go to a ratio of seven to one”, says Luisa. Don’t panic though, even at such a high ratio, as the lashes used for the Russian set are ultra-fine, they are as thin as a strand of hair and don’t put extra weight on your eyelashes.

Long, short, thick or thin?

If you have a big face and big features, we would not recommend long lashes because they will enhance your big features. We would go for a nice, short but dense look, instead.

If you have petite features, then we would open your eyes more. If you have small eyes, we would place longer lashes in the centre of your eyes to open them up.  

If you have thick eyelashes, go for a half set to start with. It’s a cheaper option that allows you to assess if you like them and if you could be bothered with the upkeep.

If you have long, flat eyelashes and go for the Russian or Classic sets, you wouldn’t need to curl your lashes. The eyelashes are stacked on from the root of your eyelashes so if your eyelashes are flat, the eyelash extension will not follow your eyelash all the way to the edge.  

Finally, don’t forget to keep the lashes clean with a daily routine. Use either a foam cleanser or baby shampoo – the last thing you want is a bacterial build up to block the growth of your lashes. And don’t try to remove them on your own! Our lash technicians are ready to professionally remove them safely for you with a specially designed solution that breaks down the specific glue that was used!

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