The Nail Factor

Nail care has been an important part of high fashion for centuries, we can even see shiny nails featured in portraits from the late 17th century. That was the starting point for nail care as we know it today, but it wasn’t until Victorian times that these trends became widely accepted.

“The nails will often mar or make the beauty of a hand,” highlighted a beauty manual first published in 1873. Around this time nail polish and colouring became very popular in France, England, Italy and the United States but it was not until the 1920s that manicure salons started to appear in France and marked the popularity of modern nail care.

These days, the nail has become a unique space for exhibiting your own personality. How the nails are trimmed and painted not only reflect your personal taste and hygiene but also your own interpretation of art as an expression of yourself and the culture you live in.

The nails will often mar or make the beauty of a hand.

Taking care of your nails can be a daunting job which you may prefer to ignore until you accidentally catch a broken nail on something and have to endure the resulting pain. Considering that your fingernails grow faster than your toenails, and nails in general grow even faster during warmer summer months, you need to keep them tidy and trimmed more regularly than you might think. Additionally, a regular manicure will not only render a tidy and clean look to your nails, but it will also prevent them from chipping and cracking, which could result in snagging them on clothing or tearing a hang nail!

Proper cuticle care is also very important but bare in mind that only the cuticle, the transparent layer of skin visible on top of your nail plate, needs to be cleaned off, and not the thick layer of skin that frames the base of the nail, called eponychium. Tidying up your cuticles will help the nail polish to adhere and have an accurate finishing, as in the Brazilian style manicure. Remember that cuticles are best cared for with creams and oils to keep them soft and healthy.

You also want to keep your toenails in good shape considering that often they are confined to a warm, moist, weight-bearing environment and don’t forget those terrible heels. An important part of your pedicure routine includes the removal of calluses, but not entirely as that would leave the skin exposed and vulnerable. There are no good pedicures without a short but relaxing foot massage to release the pressure. There are also a few steps that you can add into your daily routine like keeping your feet moisturised, cleaning and drying between the toes as well as using pumice stones to soften the skin.

As we are sure you know, it is much easier to remove nail polish from the nail the day you apply it, rather than a few weeks later. So don’t wait to book your next appointment with Gwenelda as it won’t only make it easier to remove the product but it will also keep your nails fresh, tidy and neat!

Book one of our experienced mobile technicians for a Mini, Spa or Shellac manicure and/or pedicure in the comfort of your own home or office. Do you want to share the experience? No problem at all, book a Group mani and/or pedi and enjoy the treatments with your friends or colleagues.

Remember, there is so much expression in your hands, don’t let your nails let you down!