Be Waxed & Stay Smooth

Did you know that on average, women shave 12 times per month, totalling 7,718 times in a life time? Some studies suggest that women spend 72 days on average shaving their legs in their life time. Luckily, waxing can cut these numbers by half.

Hairlessness among women and increasingly men has never been trendier and more important than it is today in our beauty regimes. And the options are endless: Half or Full leg, arm, underarm and even upper lip Waxing, Bikini Wax, Brazilian Wax, French Wax, Hollywood Wax not to mention abdomen, Brazilian man, Brazilian Hollywood man, back, buttocks and even toes for the gents. Essentially, name a body-part and you can wax it or if you are brave enough, shave it!

Waxing might sound painful but we can tell you that while shaving may seem to be the fastest way to get rid of hair, it can also be an eye-watering experience for your more sensitive and intimate areas, especially if you are not very accurate, not to mention that shaving does not remove the roots of the hair and therefore, you will have to shave regularly to keep your legs, arms and intimate areas fuzz free.

As you may have noticed, shaving makes the hair regrow quicker, thicker and increases the chances of ingrown hairs. So, if you are thinking of enjoying at least three weeks of smooth and hairless skin, then waxing is a much better solution and we tell you why:

  • You will stay hairless for longer and wonโ€™t be prickly the next day!
  • As you continue to wax, the hair will grow thinner and thinner every time
  • It is neater, more hygienic and definitely on trend
  • It reduces odour, especially during the summer days
  • Not to mentions that most partners prefer a smooth look!

Be aware though that in some instances, especially if it is your first waxing, it can be a bit painful and your skin may feel tender for a few hours after waxing. Also, you have to let the hair grow at least 1 cm before it can be rewaxed. And in some cases, people may be allergic to wax ingredients.

What we recommend

Do your own research and find skilful โ€œwaxpertsโ€ who will gently apply the wax and peel it off in a few seconds, using good quality wax and applying good products to your smooth skin. You also want them to be perfectionists and remove every single hair on the treated area and to not leave bits of wax on your skin. And from your end, avoid caffeine, stress and alcohol before having a wax as they are stimulants which could make your skin more sensitive. Pregnancy can also increase sensitivity.

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What better way to remove your unwanted hair than with our mobile waxing service in the comfort of your own home! All our beauty therapists are highly trained and qualified to remove every hair from the root leaving your skin perfectly smooth and hair free.

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